Hamish Saxton

CEO | Hawke's Bay Tourism

Hamish Saxton is the CEO of Hawke’s Bay Tourism.

A job at the Dunedin Visitor Centre to assist with paying tuition fees led to a career in tourism. Hamish has worked for wholesale travel companies (Mount Cook Line, TravelMarvel/NZTP), led two other regional tourism organisations (Wanaka, Dunedin), had marketing management roles (Southern Encounter Aquarium of Discovery, Canterbury Museum), run his own tourism businesses (TalkWalk Toronto, The Settlers Dunedin, Hamish Saxton Consulting) and consulted to a variety of tourism businesses (Dunedin Airport Ltd, Destination Queenstown, Fleurs Place, Bella Vista Accommodation Network).

He is interested in Sunday drives, destinations, art, trees, cooking and eating (no particular order). He owns a rumpty crib on The Pigroot.