New Tourism Strategy offers up one consistent nationwide approach to tourism growth and management

RTNZ Executive Officer, Charlie Ives says, “What we like about the strategy is it sets out how the government will work with the tourism sector, iwi, local government, communities and other stakeholders.  It then looks at how we can take advantage of the opportunities associated with both international and domestic visitor growth, as well as, how we manage the impact of this growth”.

Thank you New Zealand for your response to trashing tourists

Prior to summer our industry launched the Tiaki Promise – a commitment that when people visit here they will respect and look after the land with the view that it will look after you and future generations.

The Tiaki Promise speaks to simple concepts like driving safely, being prepared when venturing into the wilderness, showing respect, protecting nature and keeping New Zealand clean.   Things we all can live by not just our visitors.

Sadly this one family didn’t get the memo and that is where the New Zealand public has stepped in and emphatically said ‘what you are doing is not ok’.